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Our totalCARE vs. General IT Providers


  • General IT providers: They benefit by your downtime since they charge hourly. They aren’t motivated to take preventative measures to keep your system running smoothly. After all, they get paid when your system fails.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: We lose time and money when you systems are down. We adopt your complete IT system as if it were our own. 


  • General IT providers: The more urgent and critical the emergency, the more you pay. And if it’s the weekend, after hours, or a short notice, you’ll pay through the teeth.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: No surprises. Ever. Whether it’s a holiday or a weekend. Whether we have to come to your office five times a month or never, you pay a reasonable, fixed price monthly fee (rate varies by plan). 


  • General IT providers: Most traditional IT providers have no clue what needs to be done until they step foot inside your office. Then they may fumble around for a few hours trying to wrap their minds around your problem.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: Even before you are aware of a potential problem, we already know about it. Through monitoring we’re able to automatically install security patches and antivirus updates. 


  • General IT providers: When do IT emergencies usually happen? Afterhours, on weekends, and holidays. Or when your critical data is down, you need immediate response. Unfortunately, most IT providers offer limited hours (9am to 5pm) and inadequate emergency response… if any at all.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: 24/7/365 availability with guaranteed emergency response. Any day. Any time. We are genuinely here for you. 


  • General IT providers: When IT fails, everyone in your office is affected till they come onsite and fix it. Operation is disrupted. Productivity ceases. 
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: We created totalCARE with one primary goal in mind: To keep our clients operating at 100% efficiency at all times. Most any IT issue you face is detected and corrected before it affects productivity and your bottom line. 


  • General IT providers: Most typical IT providers are REACTIVE to issues. The first time they hear about your IT problem is when YOU call THEM.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: Rather, we take a PROACTIVE stance to prevent any IT problems and downtime. We do this through 24/7 monitoring and management. 


  • General IT providers: Need a typical IT provider to fix a problem in-person. Better open your checkbook. They gladly charge for travel time, hourly rates, after hour emergencies, and some even ask for gas reimbursement. Plus, getting your priority on their schedule can be a real challenge.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: If we cannot fix your problem remotely, we will come to your office to correct the problem in person. Of course, there are no charges for this personal service. No hourly charges or travel charges. Everything is included in your service (varies by plan). 


  • General IT providers: Sure, traditional IT personnel can provide backup and disaster recovery. However, they’ll have to come to your office to do it. And they will gladly charge you for their time.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: Our backup and disaster recovery all done automatically through sophisticated monitoring and reporting systems. And there are never any charges for this service. 


  • General IT providers: You thought computers were expensive. Just wait until you get a bill for parts and labor your system. Ouch!
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: If your hardware needs to be maintained or replaced, we’ll let you know. Not only that, we won’t charge any additional fee. It’s all included. 


  • General IT providers: Traditional IT techs may be in your office one day, an advertising agency the next day, and a manufacturing facility after that. They are generalists. Therefore, they have little to no knowledge about your patient records, compliance, or anything healthcare related.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: We are proud to be the first healthcare-specific IT solution provider in the Bay Area. We are compliance & HIPAA certified. Most importantly, we understand your needs and goals and will work with you to achieve them. 


  • General IT providers: When you arrive at the office at 9am the next morning and call them, that’s the first they hear about the problem. If you’re lucky, they’ll be at your office around 2pm. And if they’re good, they’ll have the issue resolved around 4pm. You’ve lost an entire day of productivity, PLUS you’ll have to pay a huge bill for that inconvenience.
  • Medicnology’s totalCARE: While you are sleeping and unaware of your email problems, our 24/7 monitoring detects the issue at 4am, notifies our Network Operation Center (NOC) around 4:10am, and the issue remediation begins at about 4:20am. Most problems are fixed within one hour. When you arrive at work at 9am the next morning, your email works as it always does. You get a friendly report simply letting you know there was a brief issue, but all was resolved.